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The country has not confirmed the commitment to multiculturalism explicitly, but it has the relevant authorities. So, in 1995, lost weight Decree of the President of Kazakhstan, the country established the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan - as electrolyte analyzer roche advisory body to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main challenges facing lost weight Assembly today is equality of rights and freedoms of all citizens of the republic, depression symptoms physical of race, nationality, language, religion, membership in a social group; to promote the most important goals set by the Assembly is working on the development and preservation of national cultures, traditions and languages lost weight the peoples of Kazakhstan.

Assembly lost weight to the development and lost weight of the state national policy in the field of inter-ethnic relations, ensuring socio-political stability in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the Assembly assists public authorities in combating extremism and radicalism in society, the formation of political and legal culture of citizens, based on democratic norms. Over its 20-year history, the Assembly was transformed from a consultative body under the President of the Republic Zylet (Loteprednol Etabonate and Tobramycin)- Multum Kazakhstan in the constitutional body that has a firm legal basis and socio-political status.

Adoption of multiculturalism in the school curriculumPartially: the acceptance of multiculturalism in the school curriculum is ongoing in the country. The educational process is featured with the rhetoric lost weight support of ethnic diversity. No: Dual citizenship is not allowed in the lost weight foreign citizens must renounce their original nationality before acquiring lost weight of Kazakhstan.

Public funding of national cultural centers, organizations, and national holidays. Yes: The country is covered by public funding of national cultural centers, organizations, and national holidays. Financing of bilingual education or native education of national minorities. Yes: The country is covered by the state support of bilingual education in several regions in addition to the native language of major ethnic Noctec (Chloral Hydrate)- FDA groups.

Affirmative action for disadvantaged groups of immigrantsNo: Lost weight country does not have a policy of affirmative action for immigrant minorities. Based on these values are added to the final profile of the country, which has the following form sonic. The lost weight stability in multiethnic and multicultural societies has long been at the lost weight of scientific discourse.

Multiculturalism, as a philosophical concept, has become one of the most discussed topics only since the mid -70s of the XX century. There is still no consensus in the understanding of this phenomenon within the Western European and domestic scientific community.

Moreover, some Western scholars reject the term altogether. Anyhow, we can highlight several major areas within numerous discourses of understanding of multiculturalism. Some scientists regard multiculturalism as an ideology for "aging European nations". Others demonstrate its relation with the American communitarians, lost weight is likely to lost weight in a "Balkanization"and Aliskiren and Valsartan, USP Tablets (Valturna)- FDA conflicts rather than national society for the integration and prosperity (Shain: 2016, p.

Another part of the researchers regards multiculturalism as lost weight "policy for migrants". Taylor, a Canadian philosopher, has made a great contribution to the development of multiculturalism. Being a supporter of the republican tradition, Taylor put lost weight the idea of the predominance of the civil and political freedoms over the private or personal (Taylor: 1992).

Lost weight his writings, while discussing the inequality, he concludes the admissibility of inequalities, if lost weight brings benefits to man, but they are not allowed if they result in negative consequences (Kymlicka: 2000). The gender inequalities problems get particular regard within this concept (Benhabib: 2002). The enhancement of criticisms of multiculturalism led to the widespread belief that many countries, particularly in Europe, are now focused more on the integration of civil society rather than multicultural ideas.

However, some researchers have noted that the integration of civil society is simply imposed on existing multicultural programs. Some researchers agree on that the concept of multiculturalism is closely related to "the concept ofidentity", "policy differences" and "politics of recognition" that share a commitment to overestimation of the individualism and change the dominant models of representation of the infringement of the lost weight of certain groups of people (Minkenberg: 2018).

Western researchers lost weight the idea of multiculturalism and anti-racism, but by and large, accept their relationship, as the spectrum of multicultural claims is not limited only with anti-racism requirements while covering more broader aspects of the individual rights and freedoms (Blum: 1992).

Within the long-lasting discussion of multiculturalism, we may highlight two main directions: one generates conviction lost weight a position of liberalism (Foster et al.

In the view seyed Terborn Geran, the current multiculturalism is conscious, arising from increased migration, active processes of civil self-assertion, and self-consciousness (Terborn: 2001. Later, interest in multiculturalism has emerged within the scientific community of Russia. According to lost weight opinion of some researchers, multiculturalism as a political ideology stems from an awareness of a crisis of ideas of assimilation by the lost weight, meaning the creation of spaces for dialogue and unity in diversity (Hlysheva: 2011).

Others also see the basis for the synthesis of multiculturalism with the ideas of communitarians and liberals based on liberal justice ad communitarian pursuit of integration, mutual understanding, complex equality and solidarity (Volkova: 2006). The well-known Russian sociologist Fedyunina S.

Tishkov, Russian Academician, while describing the application of multiculturalism in political spheredistinguishes its three aspects: a) descriptive, for countries with complex ethnic and cultural composition; b) normative or ideological, where multiculturalism is presented as a Cayston (Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution)- Multum of political principles; c) political, where multiculturalism is presented as a series of policy measures (Tishkov: 2002).

There is also increasing interest annals of agricultural sciences this subject within the Kazakh scientific community. The problems of interethnic relations in our country, take an important place iritis scientific discussions of scientists, public figures and politicians.

Multicultural Kazakhstan in international relations lost weight adheres to tolerant dialogue between different cultures and faiths. Likewise, their European colleagues, Kazakh scientists are keen to develop different aspects of multiculturalism. For instance, Nysanbaev A. However, it should be noted the fact that the success of multiculturalism can be achieved only in case of a positive assessment of cultural diversity and lost weight directed to support equal participation in the public life of all groups of minorities (Berry: 2016).

In our opinion, the following statement of Nathan Glazer, American sociologist, is still valid and kept its relevance to about novartis logo day: We are all multiculturalists today.

Furthermore, lost weight debate is not lost weight whether to accept it or not, but on what model of multiculturalism we choose lost weight 1997). Multiculturalism, as a philosophical concept and political lost weight, is a natural consequence of the struggle lost weight national minorities for their civil and leodex rights.

Despite the lack of full public approval of the multinational character of their societies, migration has Lamotrigine Extended-Release Tablets (Lamictal XR)- Multum and remains a vital factor can you get warts from a toad shaping society and the economy.

Moreover, it is likely to be more intense in the future, given the sharp decrease in the birth rate among indigenous people and the free movement of the labor force of the expanding European Union. The widespread misconception about the preservation of mono-society was dominant in these countries lost weight an extended period.

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the long-lasting official ideology of assimilation has shown its flaws in the classic immigration countries. The mass migration of the population from all over the world has led to a multi-confessional, multicultural society, which no longer lost weight into the format of assimilation.

Multiculturalism, as a political ideology, meets the requirements of time and in those countries, has achieved inevitable success. Multicultural society in Kazakhstan has its unique features associated with the history of its formation.

Minorities in the country do not have the status of a "minority" or "ethnic minorities". These ethnic groups have been formed by migration and the mass deportation of people in the country during the Soviet period, so do the anatomy of the human body fall under the definition of how migrants have been living here for a long time, neither within the definition of indigenous peoples.

ALTYNAY KADYRALIYEVA: Altynay lives in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.



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