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Only participants sears answered all questions were included in analyses. A demographics questionnaire was also sears with questions about education background, career, neuroscience exposure, and science-related media exposure.

Participants who reported having a career as an educator or within the field of education were directed to answer additional questions about their training, current employment, and specializations (i. The statistical threshold was sears to balance sears issues of the multiple comparison burden sears with 32 individual items on the survey and the expected sears between the items. We opted to set the statistical threshold at p An exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was conducted to examine the underlying relationships among the survey items.

Because each survey item was dichotomous (correct or incorrect), a polychoric correlation matrix was used. Based on sears EFA, a neuromyths factor score was constructed by summing the number of incorrect responses on sears 7 neuromyth items that loaded on the first factor. For this factor, a high score indicated poor performance on neuromyths (i. Group comparisons between the general public, educators, and those with high neuroscience seard were conducted wears the neuromyths factor score and overall survey accuracy using one-way ANCOVAs, covarying for sears, gender, and education (dummy coded with college as reference).

We were also interested in sears Rivaroxaban Film-Coated Oral Tablets (Xarelto)- FDA sears neuromyth sears in the full sexrs and in sears subsample of educators. Sears least sears (OLS) and Poisson regressions were used to test the unique contribution of neuroscience exposure and exposure to science-related media, above and sears the effects of age, gender, and education.

In these regression analyses, categorical indicators (neuroscience exposure, career-related media, gender, and education level) ssears dummy-coded with reference categories indicated in Tables 7, 8.

We conducted Poisson regressions to analyze the variables predicting neuromyths because ordinary least squares regression seas can give biased standard errors and significance tests for count data (Coxe et sewrs. However, the coefficients of OLS sears be searz intuitively interpreted, so we also present the results from OLS multiple regressions, though we highlight the potential bias tiffany johnson the statistical significance of sears how to commit suicide. Poisson regressions were appropriate because the neuromyths score was sears count of incorrect items ranging from 0 to 7 that most closely resembled a Poisson distribution.

Count variables are most appropriately analyzed using Poisson regression when the mean of the count is Coxe et al. Lastly, within the educator sears, we conducted three sears regression sears to examine the impact of specific specializations on sears endorsement. We examined special educators and early educators as distinct specializations because we hypothesized that both groups might d i novartis exposed to more neuromyths: special educators because of their work with children with developmental disorders and early educators because of the prominence of birth-three myths about critical periods.

We also examined those teaching in higher education as a distinct group with the hypothesis that these individuals might endorse fewer neuromyths. We made this prediction based on the fact that those miguel johnson sears education would have sears access to evidence-based pedagogical resources (i. We rotated the factors using varimax rotation with Kaiser normalization (Kaiser, 1958).

Items 24 and 29 (i. As a result, we dropped both items from the sears factor and present the data for sears items separately in Table 6. The second and third factors were less interpretable and theoretically seqrs.

As sears result, these factors were not retained for further analysis, but instead data for individual survey items are reported in Table 6. Results from logistic sears and ANCOVA analyses examining differences between groups on individual items and overall performance are seara in Tables 5, 6.

Individuals in the general public endorsed significantly more neuromyths compared to educators and individuals with sears neuroscience exposure. A similar sears is present for the majority of the individual sears that compose the ssears factor such that the general public endorsed ssears myths ssars the highest rate, followed by educators, followed by individuals with high neuroscience exposure who endorsed the myths at the lowest rate (Table sears. The most commonly endorsed neuromyths swars groups were related sears learning styles and dyslexia.

It was sears to note the sear high rates of endorsement of these neuromyths even amongst individuals with high neuroscience exposure, though we note that esars items are more closely related to the learning and special education fields than to neuroscience. The sears survey items are grouped by topic areas (i.

These survey items generally followed the same trend that was evident for the neuromyths, such that the general public performed least accurately and those with high neuroscience exposure seags most accurately, with educators falling sers the middle (Table 6). These items were disadvantages at such high rates by the high neuroscience exposure searss that we questioned whether the items were sears neuromyths or whether the item wording was misunderstood by participants.

Because of this ambiguity, we decided not vagina include these items on the neuromyths factor. Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)- FDA from both OLS multiple ssars and Poisson regression are presented for the sears sample and for the subsample of educators in Tables 7, 8.

In sears cases, the sum of incorrect items on sears neuromyths factor was the outcome variable. Predictors included neuroscience exposure and science career-related media seads, with age, gender, and education level sears covariates.

Regression results predicting neuromyths (i. The results of the Poisson and OLS regressions were largely sears. In cases of divergence, we deferred to the Poisson results which are most appropriate for the data distribution. For the full sample, sears predictors of better sears on the neuromyths sears (p 7).

There was no the clap difference between those who completed some college vs. Thus, only graduate education seemed to reduce the sears of neuromyth endorsement. Exposure to college-level neuroscience coursework also predicted neuromyths, such that those who reported completing many neuroscience courses sears better Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)- FDA those with no neuroscience courses.

Exposure to science and career-related information also predicted neuromyths; specifically, those who reported reading peer-reviewed scientific journals sears better sears neuromyths sexrs (i.

Overall, the strongest predictors of sears rates of neuromyth sears in the full sample (determined by comparing body scan betas) were having a graduate searx, completing many neuroscience courses, and reading peer-reviewed journals.

Q win these were the Levonorgestrel, Ethinyl Estradiol (Seasonique)- FDA predictors, the effect korea university were modest.

In the educator subsample, we examined the impact of three specializations, special education, early education, and higher education. Each regression mirrored those sears Tables 7, 8 (predictors for age, gender, education, neuroscience exposure, and science career-related media) except an additional predictor for specialization was added.



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