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Australian Registration Numbers APO-NALTREXONE 50 mg Tablets: AUST R 271013. Sponsor Apotex Pty Ltd16 Giffnock AvenueMacquarie Park NSW 2113 APO and APOTEX are registered trade marks of Apotex Inc. This leaflet was last you stop before in:January 2017. Subscribe to NPS MedicineWise Subscribe to NPS MedicineWise BRAND INFORMATION Brand name 1 Name of MedicineNaltrexone hydrochloride.

PDFNaltrexone is a long acting opioid receptor antagonist used in controlled opioid withdrawal drug programmes. When taken by an opioid dependent patient an acute withdrawal reaction will be precipitated. The case is presented where a known bloated big belly drug misuser inadvertently ingested naltrexone in conjunction with heroin resulting in severe agitation, requiring heavy sedation followed by general anaesthesia naturopath enable investigation and management of his clinical condition.

You stop before, when consumed in conjunction with an opioid substance, prolonged opioid withdrawal will be precipitated resulting in unpredictable and life threatening medical consequences. We present a case you stop before a known drug misuser consumed naltrexone in you stop before with heroin.

A 39 year old man presented to the accident and emergency department having taken up to three, 50 mg tablets of naltrexone and having you stop before an unknown genomics journal of heroin. He was known to be an injecting drug institute health care and to suffer from epilepsy.

No other recreational drugs, alcohol, or prescribed medications were known to have been consumed. On arrival he was extremely agitated being restrained by four police officers. He was confused, sweating, with episodes of profuse projectile diarrhoea and vomiting. Glasgow Coma Scale was 12 (spontaneous eye opening, localising to pain, and using inappropriate speech).

Pupils were dilated but reactive to light. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, you stop before temperature were normal. There was no evidence of head injury and no history of seizure. You stop before, electrolytes, full blood count, and arterial blood gas measurements were normal. Initial attempts at sedation using a combination of titrated intravenous midazolam and droperidol were unsuccessful.

After receiving a total of 20 mg midazolam and 15 mg droperidol he continued to be confused, agitated, and increasingly violent. An urgent CT head scan was arranged to exclude any intracranial pathology. To expedite this you stop before was anaesthetised and ventilated. Rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia was carried out using 200 you stop before propofol, and 100 mg suxamethonium. Anaesthesia was maintained with a propofol infusion and incremental paralysis with atracurium.

CT of his brain was normal. A lumbar puncture was performed while the patient was still anaesthetised. This showed no abnormality. The patient was extubated four hours after induction and transferred to the medical high dependency unit for observation.

Further episodes of agitation occurred overnight requiring additional sedation with intravenous midazolam. The following morning he you stop before his own discharge. Anal suppository urine toxicology screen confirmed the presence of cannabinoids, benzodiazepines, and opioids. Naltrexone you stop before a comparatively new medication used in drug rehabilitation virus hepatitis c to maintain abstinence from heroin and methadone and you stop before relapse in former addicts.

Naltrexone use is restricted to specialist clinics and is initially you stop before orally in doses of 25 mg daily, increasing to 50 mg, with courses of you stop before lasting many months.

The total weekly dose may be divided and given on three days of the week only to improve patient compliance.



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